Facing and engineering brickwork, cavity walls, concrete block walls, retaining walls and general building walls.

First and second fix carpentry, fire doors and roofing carpentry. It's the trade within building that covers more facets than any other.

Steel sheet cladding and roofing to small areas and entire factory roofs. Probably the most common way of creating walls and roofs at a realistic prices.

Plasterboard and false aluminium grids with tiles, smooth level finishes, to aluminium grid with ceiling tiles inlaid complete with necessary lighting.

New floors / yards, foundations and repairs to any concrete area, including concrete yard areas or factory floors, reinforced and repairs to existing concrete.

We undertake all types of decoration as part of a project or a stand-alone item, particularly larger projects such as factories, offices and schools which require specific skills.

Most projects involve electrics of some sort. Be it extending existing systems to add electrical facilities but also renewing, rewiring or completing new installations. We have fully qualified electricians to carry out this work to the required standards then issue necessary certificates etc.

Sometimes flooring can be an afterthought on a project, but it is essential to complete to a required standard. We carry out all types including carpets, vinyls, laminate floors and also specialist items such as epoxy screeds for industrial areas that may be required for durability or hygiene etc.

All types of plumbing and central heating from toilets and basins to large commercial heating systems, general drainage and toilets etc. including all cubicles and everything associated with sanitary ware and toilets.

All sizes and shapes both electric and manual for general access or security shutters over windows. In these days where our security is paramount in all commercial buildings it is necessary to install shutters of all types.

Timber staircases to specific designs. We frequently install staircases to raise our profile; so if this is what you need, please call our Birmingham office.

Traditional window frames and glazing, UPVC, double glazed and aluminium systems. Most projects involve windows of some sort and we are no exception.